Turn it upside down.
Stretch it.
Shrink it.
Change its color.
Make it bigger.
Make it smaller.
Make it round.
Make it square.
Make it longer.
Make it shorter.
Make it visual.
Make the most out of a circumstance.
Put it into words.
Put it into music.
Combine words and music.
Combine words, music and picture.
Combine picture and music.
Eliminate the words.
Eliminate the picture.
Silence it.
Use repetition.
Make it three-dimensional.
Make it two-dimensional.
Change the shape.
Change a part.
Make it into a set.
Make it a collector's item.
Sell it by subscription.
Sell it by subscription only.
Animate it.
Mechanize it.
Electrify it.
Make it move.
Reverse it.
Make it look like something else.
Give it texture.
Make it romantic.
Add nostalgic appeal.
Make it look old-fashioned.
Make it look futuristic.
Make it a part of something else.
Make it stronger.
Make it more durable.
Use symbolism.
Be realistic.
Use a new art style.
Change to photography.
Change to illustration.
Change the typeface.
Tell your story by picture caption.
Make the ad look like an editorial.
Make the editorial look like an ad.
Use a new advertising medium.
Invent a new advertising medium.
Make it hotter.
Make it cooler.
Add scent.
Change the scent.
Deodorize it.
Make it appeal to a child.
Make it appeal to women.
Make it appeal to men.
Lower the price.
Raise the price.
Change the ingredients.
Add new ingredients.
Twist it.
Make it transparent.
Make it opaque.
Use a different background.
Use a different environment.
Glamorize it.
Use optical effects.
Use another material.
Add human interest.
Change consistency.
Put in a different container.
Change the package.
Make it compact.
Make it portable.
Make it collapsible.
Go to the extremes.
Summer-ize it.
Winterize it.
Personalize it.
Make it darker.
Illuminate it.
Make it glow.
Make it flicker.
Make it sparkle.
Make it light up.
Make it fluorescent.
Make it heavier.
Make it lighter.
Tie in with a promotion.
Run a contest.
Run a sweepstakes.
Make it 'junior' size.
Make it grow.
Split it.
Sell it as a substitute.
Find a new use.
Use the obvious.
Rearrange the elements.
Lower it.
Raise it.
Divide it.
Mix it.
Translate it.
Speed it up.
Slow it down.
Make it fly.
Make it float.
Make it roll.
Pulverize it.
Cut it into pieces.
Put sex appeal into it.
Condense it.
Bend it.
Match it.
Tilt it.
Suspend it.
Make it stand upright.
Turn it inside out.
Turn it sideways.
Weave it.
Mask it.
Make it symmetrical.
Make it asymmetrical.
Partition it.
Pit one against another.
Sharpen it.
Change the contour.
Encircle it.
Frame it.
Coil it.
Fill it up.
Empty it.
Open it.
Misspell it.
Nickname it.
Seal it.
Transfer it.
Pack it.
Concentrate it.
Spread it out.
Alternate it.
Solidify it.
Liquefy it.
Jellify it.
Soften it.
Harden it.
Vaporize it.
Make it narrower.
Make it wider.
Make it funny.
Make it satirical.
Use short copy.
Use long copy.
Attach an instruction sheet.
Find a second use.
Prefabricate it.
Sell it as a kit.
Purify it.
Sanitize it.
Make it more nourishing.
Put it in a bottle.
Put it in a can.
Put it in a box.
Put it in a jar.
Put it in a pot.
Wrap it.
Fold it.
Unfold it.
Extend credit.
Offer it free.
Offer it at cost.
Make a special offer.
Add comfort.
Offer protection.
Use a different texture.
Sweeten it.
Sour it.
Moisten it.
Dry it.
Dehydrate it.
Freeze it.
Project it.
Make it blander.
Make it more pungent.
Simplify it.

Combine any of the above.